2/25/07:What a crazy two years that was! What do we have to show for it?

2/15/05: NEW BAND SIGNING ALERT After listening and analyzing and deeply enjoying demo after demo after demo, we've finally decided to sign a new band. Their name is Millions, go the listen page. Millions has been signed to a 12 album contract. So take that for what you want. Expect no less than SIX of those albums to be live improvisations and B-side reissues.

11/12/04: oh my god, where did the banner go! you move to sweden and seriously, EVERYTHING changes. or doesnt change (prez). anywho, all the pages are still there, just one picture is missing. listen and messageboard if you want.

3/20/04: so four months ago, someone posted lucas "mp3s," but they were actually enormous wav files. now they are mp3s. enjoy! additionally, a different someone has posted four mp3s by the band mark. they sound better on the CDr which i would be happy to burn for anyone. i will charge a buck? maybe less. additionally, i have these full lengths of myself. they're pretty fancy looking and have a real photo by brendan and a real essay by pablo and thirty eight real minutes. for them i am charging a buck. hopefully more! - mike p.s. look at what lucky number i was a hit for!!

2/14/04: i can barely type. my hands hurt so much. I have stigmata.whoa...


look at the listen page for brand new lucas mp3's and soon to be posted new tracks from crayon rosary. also coming soon is, provided we get our act together. but as for now you can email for the mailing list. additionally, perhaps mike magill can tell us, are the rumors true? full length completed? stellar packaging? curruntley recording? revamping with a flash intro? get on your bikes and ride 'em! -barfden

THE ROBOT DEFENDS12/15/02: I heard the show on the 14th at West End was cool, in fact, "magical". Anyway, i got this picture from it and wanted to post it. if there are anymore pics from that night let me know, i'll post them too. Also, the show at the zimmerli was catchy, a nice mix of bands and, if i do say so myself, exceptionally nice flyers.

11/21/02: GO to the listen section and download the transparent mp3s. then, after you listen to them get the cd from nick. they have a song called "commander penis in conor's mouth" which is reason enough for getting it! I would love to put up more mp3s so, any bands that have something recorded you can get in touch with me and I'll put some of your stuff up. email me @! or if i could get my hands on one of those samplers i could put stuff up from there.

10/12/02: New pictures from the show a 86 Louis Street are up. Thanks for the black and whites Brittany.

9/25/02: a new free show is posted. Give Me Danger is playing. look under the shows dept. for details.

Lucas 9/13/02 ok check it out....almost all of the sections on the site are updated. 2 mp3s are up from Mike's project "Marksman"...more mp3s from the other guys coming soon. Also, the releases section has been updated. The bands section now has a current listing of all the bands the bands on Little Albany Street and as if all of that wasn't enough a couple of shows are posted so try and check them out too.

8/28/02: hey there, check out some pictures i put up from passion puddle. not too much but its all that came out. also, if ingrid is reading this, can you please email me if it is possible for me to scan the pictures you took that night. i'm sure they came out better than what i got. thanks. soon the banner will be updated to include the photo section. check out the show listing too. theres one up there.

tommyboy8/22/02: some small news... soon we hope to have pics up from the other night at passion puddle. ok the new logo is up. it still needs some work, but for now it should do. also, it should be able to be seen by macs now sorry about that all you mac users. soon i'll be updating the top frame to include the new logo. thats about it for now.

8/20/02: hey everyone sorry, i was absent for a few days, i was away and it seems as though i've missed a lot. tonight at passion puddle there is a show, outdoor acoustic niceness, from 6:30 to sunset featuring: the spines, lucas, avenue of the owls, mikey magill, tommy r., and race car heart. hope this isnt too short on notice. in other news, we have a new scan of the logo so i'll get to work on that shortly. hope everyone makes it to the show tonight.


8/19/02: The Fall of Tommunism is at hand. Tom is moving away to Texas and if you come to the Passion Puddle on Douglass Campus tomorrow at about sundown you can celebrate his stay in our lives with us. A bunch of people will be playing acoustic music and you can play too if you show up and are good, or pretty.

8/7/02: ok the site is actually looking presentable now. hopefully in the near future we will have all the info up and running. i heard possible news about a show on saturday, Marty is playing so hopefully more info on that really soon. Check out the CD we have! email us! unless you'd rather not. anyway keep up the good work and look for more updates.